I didn’t plan to end up here. I came to Egypt to study Egyptian yoga and the Kemetic sciences. After completing a transformative 28-day yoga teacher training, I ventured south to Nubia. I had a flight scheduled to return to Los Angles in two days. On the second day we took a boat to a sandy beach on the west side of the Nile. A tear fell as I placed my toe in water. The water was cold but alive. I threw my body into the river and submersed myself under the current. The Nile became my mother’s womb and as I came up for air I felt a rebirth. They say there are souls in the Nile. Well, if that’s true I’m sure they were my ancestors. Because I never felt so sure about leaving everything I knew to pursue a new life. I never felt so protected. I decided in that moment that I was to stay. I knew I was home.

Magic flows through Egypt. The streets are coated with ancient enchantment and the spirit is rich like its history. Some attribute the distinctive qualities of Egypt to it’s placement on the earth. Others suggest its the center of the earth’s energy field and positioned perfectly for harmonic resonance. Whether this can be verified scientifically or not, I feel a difference on a visceral level. My body has adjusted to the land and I feel more connected to the earth than ever before. I am lighter, liberated and nourished.

The Paut Neteru is a ancient Egyptian classification system explaining the dynamics of universal laws, nature and their relation to the human experience. Duat represents the subconscious and it is said that Duat accounts for 95% of the human mind. Only what’s left is our conscious reality. According to this philosophy, the darkness and nothingness are where creation begins. The subconscious mind is the area that controls what we will be in this life. The remaining 5% of the conscious mind is where we take action and bring ideas into fruition. Much of our reality is shaped in the darkness.

Prior to even having thought of visiting Egypt, I engulfed myself in the histories of ancient civilizations. I read the Emerald tablets and listened to lectures of famed Egyptologists. I am fascinated by ancient knowledge, alchemy, human civilization and other anthropological studies. As a child my dream was to be an archeologist. I didn’t know much about the profession but I was interested in a life of travel and discovery. I still have this inner child pushing me to explore and at this point, it’s not an exploration for the sake of answers. It’s an exploration for the sake of experience. My original intention was to visit Ethiopia, the only African nation to retain it’s independence and home of the oldest history known to man. Unknowingly, I was preparing for an expedition to Egypt.

Egypt has not been one of those places where you settle into the life and slowly the magic disappears. I grow fonder and more fascinated of her as time continues. She has her challenges but will always prove how invaluable she is once it’s all done. A long day of hassling, language barriers, lying and swindling yet I still want to be in her presence. She is sweet and tangy. She’s firm but know’s what’s best for you. She is unapologetically herself and has been this way for thousands of years.

The teachings and wonders of Egypt happen in the moments between the decisions. You have to be available and present to download the information. My days are experienced on a completely different level than that of Los Angeles. Although I will always have a special place for home, the superficiality of the United States and more specifically Los Angeles is almost laughable considering the magnificence of ancient Egyptian architecture and art. The ancient Egyptians demonstrated a genius manifestation of material expression yet holistically incorporated principles and doctrines of God. There was no separation of philosophy. There was no art without spirituality.  There was no architecture without art. There was no science without God. Being on this land has clarified many of the myths and understandings I had previous to my arrival.

Living in a foreign country alone is not for those who want any bit of emotional security. The experience will encourage self-reflection and questioning about whether the life back home is really worth it. Yes, I have moments when I think to myself, what did I just do? Did I forfeit a life of comfort and stability to plunge into the unknown? While everyone back home is having fun with their familiar, I’ve decided to give it up to live the dream of liberation. But I remember that security is an illusion and it’s not worth my life. I made a decision to experience the things I envisioned as a child. I chose to dive into a world foreign to my own. I made a promise to challenge myself, remain committed to growth and to do so on African soil. I decided not to wait any longer to follow the inner child in me, unabridged and free.

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