Relax & Release in Egypt

The Kemetic sciences teach us about the connection between the consciousness of humanity and the consciousness of the earth. This is significant because it explains the responsibility and power of each human being. Ancient Egyptians believed that pursing the truth is necessary to achieve mastery of the self and the body. They believed this truth has a radiant quality that affects the entire earth on a collective level. The Kemetic tree of life also helps us understand the ancient Egyptian relationship with their supreme god and the gods that embody the varying aspects and principles of the one. The tree is a representation of the pattern, laws and principles of the human experience on the physical, mental and astral planes. At the very top of the tree is Amun. Amun could be described as the all knowing source and oneness. Amun represented the prime creator and that all things stem from this energy. The first faculty of the tree represents Ausar. Ausar is illustrated in the hieroglphyics as as a tall, white hat. While Ausar exists as an entity and represents the realization of our our identity. It explains that our existence is that which is connected to all others and our true self is beyond the flesh and happenings of our experiences in the world. It allows us to see ourselves as a collection of all and not as individuals. Ma’at is the fourth Neter of the Paut and represents balance and justice. Tehuti symbolizes divine intuition, knowledge and information. He is commonly known as Hermes in Greek literature and also known for the seven Hermetic principles. The other faculties of the Kemetic tree of life are Seker, Herukhuti, Heru, Het-Heru, Sebek, Auset and Geb. Each part representing a different aspect of ourselves.

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