Teaching Yoga on the Nile

Liberation begins when we decide its time to be free. The illusion is that things are out of our control when the reality is that our world is a direct extension of ourselves. I enjoy yoga because it’s a personal opportunity to challenge my own potential. Right here on this small, rectangular space, I am able to challenge my perceived physical and mental limitations. And because our experiences as humans are indivisible from the totality of our being, inevitably our practice and our habits will flow into our daily life. The science of yoga is more than the twist and bend of our bodies. It is a philosophy, a way of life and a state of being. I had the pleasure of teaching Kemetic yoga on a beautiful 4 day cruise down the Nile river with Veda Retreats. I was inspired by the many people who challenged themselves to stretch deeper and hold the postures for extended times. It was truly an honor to meet so many incredible human beings and a worthwhile experience to teach on this sacred land and water. Here are a few photos of the journey.


image 6

IMG_3398 2





IMG_3402 2

image 5

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